Relocating to McLean

If you are planning to relocate to Northern Virginia, or if you are simply interested in purchasing a property as a second home, we have extensive experience working with out of town buyers.

If you are not certain whether you want to buy a home in Northern Virginia or Washington, D.C., it is not a problem since we are licensed in all jurisdictions (each jurisdiction requires a separate license).

We have lived and worked in both locations at different times and can help you decide what would best suit your needs.

We know that relocating is not an easy process therefore my goal is to make your home buying process as efficient as possible so you can have more time to dedicate to other tasks.

Depending on where you are relocating from, the local market might be a bit of a shock to you. Not only is it different from other cities, but even within our metropolitan area, customs and laws vary between localities.

In the interest of saving you time (as well as travel expenses, etc) it is best to contact us as soon as you have made the decision to move.

We will discuss your needs as well as the state of the local market, so when the time comes for you to visit, you will better understand the homes and areas we will be looking at.

Prior to your visits, it is important that you give us advance notice so we can make as much time available as possible to help you.

Between your visits, I will send you regular email updates that include details and pictures of new listings which will help you follow and understand the market.

Furthermore, if need be, we will help you submit a purchase offer via email and fax.